Carol Ascher writes fiction, memoirs, personal essays, scholarly articles and book reviews. Her fiction and nonfiction often explore the themes of prejudice and inequality. Trained as a cultural anthropologist, she has spent much of her professional life writing about urban public schools. read more


In Afterimages, Ascher movingly evokes her childhood in Topeka, Kansas, amidst a community of refugee psychoanalysts who found work at the Menninger Sanitarium, as well as her return to Vienna as an adult to uncover who her father had been before his forced emigration.

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Holmes & Meier
ISBN 978-0-8419-1449-0 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-8419-1451-3 (pbk)

Completing Afterimages coincided with two big changes in my life. After many years of squeezing in a couple of writing hours before going off my day-time job as an educational researcher, and forgoing the relaxation of long weekends and vacations to work on stories and personal essays, I decided to make writing my main activity. My husband I also gave up our Manhattan loft, where we had lived for over four decades, to live in the woods.

These days I am working on a novel about an aged professor of German literature and his adult daughter. Since my father died suddenly when he was only fifty-nine and I was just twenty-four, writing this novel has giving me a chance to imagine a father-daughter relationship as it might have evolved. The novel has also given me a chance to bask in the German language and literature, which were so important to my youth.

To complement the deep solitary pleasures of writing, I have been teaching a memoir workshop at a local library. I also enjoy some educational consulting, and keeping both flower and vegetable gardens.