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Simone de Beauvoir

Beacon Press
ISBN-0-8070-3241-7 (hardcover)
ISBN 0-8070-3241-7 (pbk.)

Full Summary:

Writer, intellectual adventurer, fighter for personal and political freedom, feminist, and intimate companion to Jean-Paul Sartre for over fifty years, Simone de Beauvoir emerges from this at times highly personal book of philosophical and literary criticism as a woman who plays a major role in the lives of men and women today, and one of the most stunning and provocative thinkers of this century.


"No other work in English attempts an analysis of the total person and of her essays and fiction."

"A scholarly yet readable work, this is essential for college and public libraries."

J. McCallister Albion College Library
Library Journal

"Ascher successfully combines a critical biography of French writer Simone de Beauvoir with elements of a personal essay on what de Beauvoir means to her as a sort of feminist mentor-from-afar."


"Ascher's deeply personal exploration of de Beauvoir's life and work should have strong appeal for feminists who, like the author, "are still trying to discover what we can be...."

Publishers Weekly

"Simone de Beauvoir: A Life of Freedom by Carol Ascher is a personal view of the woman who wrote "The Second Sex." Ascher discusses Beauvoir as a woman, as a thinker and as a role-model. She sees her as someone committed to freedom, in literature and in her 50-year-long alliance with Jean-Paul Sartre, yet Ascher is dismayed by her perceptions of Beauvoir's inconsistencies in that regard. A subjective and fascinating account of a woman, who may or may not be the authentic Beauvoir."

Elizabeth Wheeler Los Angeles Times, August 9, 1981

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