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The Flood

Curbstone Press
ISBN 1-8880684-43-8 (pbk)

Originally published by
The Crossing Press
ISBN 0-8959422-7-5 (hardcover)
ISBN 0-8959422-7-5 (pbk)

Full Summary:

Ten-year-old Eva Hoffman’s family, Austrian refugees, have found precarious safety in Topeka, Kansas. It is 1951, the year of the landmark desegregation case. As the rising river inundates the town, the Hoffmans open their home to refugees from the flood, and Eva learns the complexities of prejudice—and courage—both within and outside her family.


"Set in the 1950's amoung Jewish refugees living in Kansas, THE FLOOD is a precisely told, brilliantly psychological story of the spriritual transformation of a ten-year-old girl. In an elegant structure and lush prose, Carol Ascher creates Eva; torn between her father's growing hopelessness and her mother's morally stringent optimism. THE FLOOD is a classic work whose theme is a serious mind confronting racial prejudice, reaching for an autonomy of self."

Jane Lazarre

"THE FLOOD is a book in these murky times of such moral clarity, sweetness and good will that one suddenly rediscovers hope and optimism. The aulity of the writing is luminous. It is a wonderful work."

E.M. Broner A Weave of Women

"I wish there were more books like Carol Ascher's -- sensitively observed, full of affection and life, and (so rare these days) passionately concerned with crucial moral questions."

Rosellen Brown Civil Wars

"THE FLOOD is a lovely book, a truly stirring account of the end of childhood, the beginning of political consciousness."

Hilma Wolitzer In the Palomar Arms

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