Carol Ascher writes fiction, memoirs, personal essays, scholarly articles and book reviews. Her fiction and nonfiction often explore the themes of prejudice and inequality. Trained as a cultural anthropologist, she has spent much of her professional life writing about urban public schools. read more

Between Women
edited by Carol Ascher, Louise DeSalvo and Sara Ruddick

Beacon Press
ISBN-0-8070-3241-7 (hardcover)
ISBN 0-8070-3241-7 (pbk.)

Full Summary:

First published in 1984, Between Women provides groundbreaking analyses of women's writing about women. The compilation of stories includes biographers, novelists, scholars and artists, each writing about their respective creative processes. The contributors discuss how they chose their women subjects as well as the biases and hopes they brought with them and the discoveries they made. The Routledge edition also includes an introduction by Carolyn Heilbrun.


"Original, fascinating, important.  There has never been a book like this, illuminating how creative dwelling and work on one’s subject can alter, deepen, and transform not only the work but also the comprehensions and lives of the artist, writer, scholar.  A wonderful and inexhaustible sourcebook for all those concerned with creation."         

Tillie Olsen

"This is a wonderful book in breadth and variety: Yi-tsi Mei Feuerworker on Ding Ling, Bell Gale Chevigny on Margaret Fuller, and May Stevens on her mother and Rosa Luxemburg. Even the table of contents is a joy to consume. Between Women is a big read to be taken in chunks and dreamily digested."

Grace Paley