Carol Ascher writes fiction, memoirs, personal essays, scholarly articles and book reviews. Her fiction and nonfiction often explore the themes of prejudice and inequality. Trained as a cultural anthropologist, she has spent much of her professional life writing about urban public schools. read more


In Afterimages, Ascher movingly evokes her childhood in Topeka, Kansas, amidst a community of refugee psychoanalysts who found work at the Menninger Sanitarium, as well as her return to Vienna as an adult to uncover who her father had been before his forced emigration.

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Holmes & Meier
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The Flood

Ten-year-old Eva Hoffman’s family, Austrian refugees, have found precarious safety in Topeka, Kansas. It is 1951, the year of the landmark desegregation case. As the rising river inundates the town, the Hoffmans open their home to refugees from the flood, and Eva learns the complexities of prejudice—and courage—both within and outside her family.

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Originally published by The Crossing Press
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ISBN 0-8959422-7-5 (pbk)

Hard Lessons: Public Schools and Privatization
With Norm Fruchter and Robert Berne

A hard look at the popular belief that markets invariably produce better results than do governmental entities, Hard Lessons assesses the effects of educational privatization in three key areas: performance contracting; the takeover of districts by private corporations; and charter schools. The authors conclude that privatization is unlikely to save public schools money or to increase accountability, and that will likely decrease educational resources available to poor students and increase inequality.

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The Twentieth Century Fund Press
ISBN 0-87078-399-8

Simone de Beauvoir

Writer, intellectual adventurer, fighter for personal and political freedom, feminist, and intimate companion to Jean-Paul Sartre for over fifty years, Simone de Beauvoir emerges from this at times highly personal book of philosophical and literary criticism as a woman who plays a major role in the lives of men and women today, and one of the most stunning and provocative thinkers of this century.

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Beacon Press
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Between Women
edited by Carol Ascher, Louise DeSalvo and Sara Ruddick

Between Women brings together the intimate and moving stories of women writers, scholars, and artists like Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alice Walker, composer Elizabeth Wood, and writer Michele Cliff, and the women who have moved them, shaped their work, inspired their creativity, and shared with them a literary sisterhood. This absorbing and unusual collection reveals the complex emotional ties between women and their work.

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ISBN 978-0-415-90770-5 (pbk.)

Originally published by Beacon Press
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ISBN 0-8070-6713-X (pbk.)