Top FIFA World Cup 2018 Coaches

The performance of FIFA World Cup 2018 football teams can’t be separated with the role of their coach. The coach determines who play as the first squad, formation, playing style, and many more. So, who are the best or the most favorite coach in FIFA World Cup 2018? The answer might be various and included on the list below.

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Joachim Low

Talking about one of outstanding coaches in FIFA World Cup 2018, we have to mention German football coach, Joachim Low. Low is chosen due to his complete skill. He was a player in Bundesliga in 1978 and joined several teams including SC Freiburg, VfB Stuttgart, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Karisruher SC. Then, Low started his career as a coach in 1994 in FC Frauenfeld. From his great performance, Joachim Low was believed to be a coach for some football teams including an assistant coach for VfB Stuttgart and Turkish football team namely Fenerbahce. Low continued their football career as a German national football team assistant coach and it was started since 2004.

During that season, German national squad reached great achievements such as reached semi final at the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2005 and FIFA World Cup 2006. Then he had a chance to be the former man in German national team in 2006 and started to bring German team played at Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, Euro 2012, World Cup 2014, Euro 2016, FIFA Confederations Cup 2017, and FIFA World Cup 2018. Low is trying to keep the German old playing style by playing offensive. During his coaching history, Low was successfully achieved 3rd position in FIFA World Cup 2010 and the winner of FIFA World Cup 2014. Due to his experience and achievement, it is claimed that Joachim Low is the highest paid FIFA World Cup 2018. agen sbobet

Adenor Leonardo Bacchi or Tite

The second most favorable coach in FIFA World Cup 2018 is Brazilian national football coach, Adenor Leonardo Bacchi or commonly known as Tite. Just like Joachim Low, Tite was also a football player in his early career and has been played in several clubs including Caxias in 1978, Esportivo de Bento Goncalves in 1984, Portuguesa in 1985, and Guarani in 1986. He also has a long coaching career history.

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Tite has been coached for Guarani, Caxias, Gremio, Sao Caetano do Sul, and many more. FIFA World Cup is not a new tournament for Tite because he was a coach for Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2012. Then, he was pointed in 2016 as a new Brazilian national team to replace Dunga. Tite leads his team amazingly by defeating Ecuador in the qualifying match and keep stronger by winning the 7 matches. His biggest achievement in this annual world football tournament is becoming the winner and bringing the trophy home.

Didier Deschamps Didier Deschamps is a familiar name for the fans of France. As a retired football player, Deschamps also has enough experience to lead France to achieve its highest performance. He became the player of several great clubs including Juventus, Chelsea, Valencia, Marseille, and many more. As a coach, Deschamps started it by becoming a coach for Monaco in 2003. Then, he continued his career by coaching Juventus and Marseile. The best achievement came in 2012 in which he was chosen as the coach of France national football team and gave his coaching skill for FIFA World Cup 2014. The highest achievement was when he successfully brought France as the runner up at EUFA European Championship 2016. He said that his team is ready to play at FIFA World Cup 2018. Deschamps also glad after won a friendly match against Italy. He just wants to keep up the good work to show the best performance for all matches in Russia.

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Julen Lopetegui

If you are fans of Spain in FIFA World Cup 2018, you might know about the coach, Julen Lopetegui. Just like all the coach mentioned above, Lopetegui was also a former football player as a goalkeeper. He has enough experience by playing for several popular clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona. Lopetegui started his coaching career in 2003 by being an assistant for Spain national football team. Along with the coach, Juan Santisteban, Lopetegui guided Spain team for UEFA European under-17 Championship. He showed great performance and finally chosen as the coach of Spain national football team for FIFA World Cup 2018. Julen Lopetegui said that Spain is ready to perform in Spain along with its best squad. He has announced the 23 former players including David Gea, Gerald Pique, Andreas Iniesta, and Diego Costa.

Stanislav Cherchesov

Indeed, we can’t separate the role of Russia this year. Russia becomes the host of FIFA World Cup 2018 and it is a kind of great chance for the national team to show their best skill and performance. Talking about the performance of Russia national team, we have to discuss about Stanislav Cherchesov. He has a lot of experiences to support their performance as a coach. Actually, he was a football player before becoming a coach. As a player, he played as Russia national player for World Cup 1994 and 2002, and Euro1996. As a coach, he started coaching FC Kufstein in 2004 and several clubs including FC Wacker Tirol, FC Spartak Moscow, Amkar Perm, and many more. Now, he has a hard task as the coach of Russia. Cherchesov said that he want to be the first coach who bring Russian team as the winner at their own country.

At the same time, it seems that Russian national squad didn’t show their best performance due to the lost for three friendly matches. The latest lost was against Austria. Cherchesov also said that Russia is ready to welcome football fans around the world including ready to play with their best performance. He has announced his ideal team for World Cup 2018 including calling Igor Akinfeev, Vladimir Granat, Yuri Gazinskiy, and Artem Dzyuba to the national team. So, just wait and see how this man handles Russia national squad to achieve their dream to bring the trophy. In fact, Russia has to fight against great teams such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Uruguay in group A.

Who Will Replace Iniesta?

Last season, FC Barcelona has successfully added the La Liga and Copa del Rey trophy into their collection, which makes them, become one of the successful football team in Europe. However, the failure in Champions League still lingers in the head of fans and player. Therefore, they need to move fast to strengthen their squad, moreover with Andres Iniesta decide to move and play in Japan. Iniesta is indeed important player for Barcelona after Xavi Hernandez left the club few years back. He becomes the playmaker that can connect the ball from middle field to the front, where Messi and other striker can make it into goal opportunity. Although Barcelona has successfully bought Phillipe Coutinho in the winter transfer window, it seems that the Ernesto Valverde and the team still need new player that can play on the position that Iniesta left behind, as playmaker as well as maybe the backup for Coutinho, if Valverde plan to play him on that position. Here are several players that are issued to become the replacement for Andres Iniesta.

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Carles Alena He is player that comes from Barcelona B and La Masia academy. There is possibility that he will be promoted to play as one of Barcelona midfielder. As we all know, he has been trained with the main squad for the all entire last season. Valverde also said that he has big chance to be part of the main squad for next season.

Alena also has played several matches in Copa del Rey and show really good performance. He scored goals, make assist and can show the Barcelona football style. He has speed and good dribbling skill, which remind us of the young Iniesta. Moreover, he is more power-type player, which Barcelona need right now. Sometimes, their opponent can win in one on one situation because they have better physic. So, at least, Alena can face this kind of situation without problem. And maybe, he can give new style in the Barcelona football.

Oriol Busquet Oriol has no blood relation with the Barcelona midfielder, Sergio Busquet. But, Oriol position and playing style is really similar to the other Busquet. However, the good thing about this 19 years old player is he can play in different position, including Iniesta position. He shows his skill when he played as debutant in the match against Real Murcia. Barcelona won 5-0.

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Oriol has height that will help them to cover the air ball as well. We can’t say that his skill and performance is in Iniesta or Busquet class. But, we can see that it will go there eventually. He has good vision, just like Busquet and Iniesta. He also has good defense skill, which is pretty similar to Busquet in reading opponent player and ball movement, apply pressure, provoke opponent and take the ball. So, if he gets good chance to play, he will be able to turn into one of best player in Barcelona midfield. Unfortunately, he is still recovering from injury right now. So, Valverde still look at his condition before decide to buy player for replacing Iniesta position.

Miralem Pjanic Actually, Lionel Messi is one of Barcelona player that want this player to play in the squad. Pjanic is known as one of the best playmaker in Serie A, which lead Juventus midfield. Pjanic has good skill in starting the team attack. He also can make a good long pass that can be used by the frontline to make goal opportunity. His free kick is also one of the deadly in Serie A. Therefore, we can say that if Barcelona has successfully acquired the sign from Pjanic, the team will get strong player addition in their squad.

However, there is a chance that Juventus won’t release this player that easier. Previously, Manchester City has offered £44 million to get this player, but Juventus reject it. The Juventus management said that it will be difficult to find player with similar quality as replacement with that amount of money. Therefore, we can see that Juventus ask more for this player. If Barcelona really wants to get Pjanic, maybe they should release their player. Andre Gomez is rumored to be released. But, we need to see how it will be.

Cristian Eriksen Eriksen is one of most important player of Tottenham Hotspur. He becomes the soul of the Hotspur midfield. He can play as playmaker, attacking midfielder and even second striker. And, according to rumor, Eriksen said that he want to leave Hotspur this summer and find new challenge. There is no further information about the club where he will join, but there is big possibility that Barcelona is his choice.

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Eriksen has ability to score a goal. He also has good long shot skill, which make this ability become what Barcelona need, because their opponent love to use total defense strategy that sometimes very difficult to penetrate. In Barcelona itself, there is Ivan Rakitic that has that ability. With Eriksen ability, Barcelona will have more option in their attacking pattern. However, because Eriksen is one of important player for Hotspur, we can expect that Hotspur will place high price for him. At least, Barcelona might have to prepare around £80 million to get this player.

Other than those four, there is also other player that Barcelona can optimize for the midfielder position. He is Denis Suarez. He showed good performance last season, when he played on several important matches. However, just like Andres Gomez, he make lot of mistake when the team in defense position. Therefore, there is still worried in fans mind, if Valverde place him on the position that Iniesta formerly played. As backup for Coutinho, it is also quite difficult, because he is already 24 years old. Basically, this is the age when he should get the main position in the squad. He can play as left wing, but if Barcelona use Dembele as well, it will be difficult for him. Now, we just need to wait who will be the one that play in the position that Iniesta left behind.